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Here's how Startnext works 

Establishing projects, advertising, finding Supporters and making money. Startnext is uncomplicated and enables the Starter to concentrate their full energy on the project.

Installing a project 

  1. (Project-) Starters register on startnext.de
  2. Describe their proposition and arrange it as multimedia
  3. Give the information for needed funds
  4. Set a deadline
  5. Define alternated levels of Thankyous in the amount of financial support
Projekt starten

Project advertising

  1. Happens automatically on Startnext.de
  2. Widgets for social networks like Facebook
  3. Apps for mobile devices
  4. Integrate in your own homepage


Project support

  1. Loading money onto the FidorPay Account (optional)
  2. Choosing the Thankyous
  3. Allocating money on a project
  4. Telling all your friends about it
Projekt bewerben

Receiving dispersed money and obtaining Thankyous

  1. The Starter receives the dispersed money when the funding goal is reached within the deadline. Excess funding is possible.
  2. If the supported project does not reach its funding goal, the complete amount of money will be given back to the Supporters.
  3. The Starter thanks the Supporters by giving them the chosen Thankyous. 
Geld auszaheln