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About Startnext 

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community for creative projects in the German speaking area. Filmmakers, musicians, journalists, designers, artists, inventors, founders, and other creative people present their ideas on Startnext in order to fund them through the direct support of many people.

Being founded in 2010, we have since been able to fund more than 1.700 great projects with over 12 million Euros via the crowd on Startnext.

Crowdfunding for artists, inventors and creative people

Crowdfunding is based on a very simple concept: With the help of a pitch-video, images and texts project starters present their ideas, define a funding goal, a deadline as well as unique rewards, which they give to the supporters in return for their financial help. When the project goes online, the idea can be supported by everyone who is excited about it and considers it worth being realized. Thereby Startnext applies the “all-or-nothing-principle”: that means the money will only be given to starters who reach their funding goals – otherwise the supporters get their money back.