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Crowdfunding - Funding creativity together

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community in Germany and Austria. Artists, creative people, inventors and founders present their ideas and fund them with the direct support of many different people. Discover and bring new and innovative ideas to life.

1.815 Successful projects
12.207.580 Funded by the crowd
64 % Success rate
Finance projects successfully

Over 60% of projects are successfully funded – this is one of the highest success rate of any crowdfunding platform.
This results from the valuable feedback, individual counselings and workshops that we provide for our project starters.

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Successful projects

The most inspiring gifts

Project initiators on Startnext offer creative, emotional and exclusive rewards as a service in return for your support. Those rewards cannot be found in a shop! If you want to surprise someone with a very personal gift, we recommend giving a crowdfunding-voucher  or a specific reward-gift-voucher.

Crowdfunding software & services

With Startnext you can start your own crowdfunding-campaign  inside our community or use our technology/API on your website as a crowdfunding-whitelabel or sub-platform. Organisations and companies can set up a crowdfunding page  for curation and sponsoring or use our brandnew module-system for CSR purposes.

Money for creative projects

Help creativity by supporting projects, talking about the ideas behind them in your networks and spread the word about Startnext and the whole crowdfunding movement.

Be part of the fast-growing crowdfunding community.